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Our team is managed by Eric Natera, General Manager and Devin Rider, Culinary Manager.

Our Team

Eric Natera


General Manager

Eric Natera is the General Manager at Harvest Restaurant, a proud member of the FMK Hospitality Group located in The Villages, FL. Originally hailing from Barranquilla, Colombia, Eric has brought 28 years of invaluable experience to the restaurant industry, dedicating the last year of his career to FMK.


Having worked at both Chop House and Harvest within the FMK family, Eric initially joined as a Restaurant Manager and quickly rose to the position of General Manager at Harvest Restaurant. His passion for the culinary world and leadership skills have played a significant role in the success of the restaurant.


As the General Manager, Eric finds immense satisfaction and fulfillment in his role. Leading and inspiring a team of individuals toward a common goal is what he cherishes the most. His heart lies in the world of food, from experimenting with flavors to exploring various cuisines. Eric Natera's dedication to excellence and his love for the culinary arts make him an integral part of the FMK Hospitality Group and a valued leader at Harvest Restaurant in The Villages.


Culinary Manager

Devin Rider, Culinary Manager at Harvest Restaurant within FMK Hospitality Group in The Villages, FL, brings 8 years of industry expertise to his role. Originally from Spencer, NY, Devin moved to Florida 8 years ago to be closer to family, emphasizing his commitment to community and connection.


In his 7 months with FMK, Devin quickly ascended from a Front of House Assistant at Bell Glade to the Culinary Manager at Harvest Restaurant. His culinary journey is marked by a particular fondness for the shrimp and scallop dish, a standout on the menu, which he discovered upon assuming the role of Culinary Manager.


With a finger on the pulse of guest preferences, Devin notes the popularity of the Alaskan bowl and Angus bowl, showcasing his ability to cater to diverse tastes. Devin Rider's dedication and culinary passion continue to enhance the dining experience at Harvest Restaurant, making him an integral part of the FMK Hospitality Group family.

Devin Rider
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